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We provide the best source for investment and commercial hard money loans. Our expertise in the industry can provide alternative funding solutions to grow your real estate investment projects. We are also here to help investors and future partners reap the benefits of the real estate market. No matter what you are looking for out of real estate, we can get you the success you want.

How Do We Help?

We offer personalized rates, fees, and terms, depending on the type of real estate investment financing you need, but most importantly, we offer loan programs to suit any real estate funding need, situation, or project. Whether you are looking for bridge/rehab loans, fix and flip loans, or fix and hold loans, we can provide it all.

Not only do we have our own core lending programs, but we also partner with other private money lenders and hard money lenders to find you the lowest rates and terms to best meet your needs.

Invest with us

Become an investor with KC Investor Funding and find benefits such as a 10-14% annualized return. We are here to help educate, diversify your portfolio, and connect you with the investments you are looking for in the real estate industry.

Whether a closing date is coming up and you can’t find a loan, or you are looking for the education to help outsell competitors, KC Investor Funding can help.


“Very easy to work with. We have used Hard Money Lenders to fund our last 4 flips, and everything about the process was fast, simple, and very straightforward. Highly recommend them to anyone seeking financing for their investment transactions.”


— John & Erica B

“Our loan was coming due with our private money lender on one of our rental properties, and we couldn’t qualify for traditional financing from a bank, and one of our friends referred us to Hard Money Lenders, and not only did they get it refinanced quickly, but the rates and terms were better too. We are so thankful!”


— Lisa J

“Hard Money Lenders of Kansas City has been a Godsend to my real estate investment business. I have been able to do more deals with them than I ever could with my local bank.”


— Brady R

“I have closed five loans with Rex at KC Investor Funding. Three fix and flip loans and two thirty-year fixed loans. The fix and flips closed in 3-5 days. Rex is great to work with, and KC investor Funding is my go to source for quick and reliable financing for rehab properties.”


— Ashley A

“I recently worked with KC Investor Funding to refinance my rental properties. Rex and his team are superb. They are responsive & knowledgeable and are always there to help you move along the process. I cannot speak highly enough of the expertise & professionalism of Rex & his team. Their dedication to helping their clients with lending needs is second to none.”



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