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Nationwide 30 Year Rental Program

About the Program

As a relationship-based lender we offer a long term loan that is one of the most competitive products in the nation. This loan option can bring great success for someone who specializes in BRRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat). We offer up to 80% financing of a single-family to a 4-unit residential.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • 30-Year Term/30-Year Amortization
  • Close in 30-40 days
  • Seasoning requirements vary but are typically 90 days of ownership to base the loan on the value of a property for a refinance
  • Available in all states except Arizona, California, Idaho, Minnesota, Nevada, North Dakota, & South Dakota
  • Requirements: 680+ credit score, sufficient liquid assets to cover out of pocket plus 6 months of PITI

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